What's the Tea with RB?

Do you feel like you are alone in the life issue you are facing right now? Are you tired of feeling weighed down by your past? Tired of carrying around a broken heart? Do you want more for your life but don't know where to start? Are you afraid of failure?

Well, the What's the Tea with RB? Podcast is a show hosted by Rayna Brown that "spills the tea" on Life Healing & Transformation, Faith, and empowerment! In this podcast, you will find practical steps (or what I call “tea spills”) to healing from traumatic life experiences and a pathway to connecting to God’s heart. My mission is to empower you and equip you to live a life of faith and freedom in the way you deserve! If you are ready to connect to God’s heart so that you can transform your life and break free from shame, the pain of a broken heart or grief, failure or just feeling stuck in a rut, this is precisely where you need to be, and let me introduce myself!

So, I’m Rayna Brown and I’m so excited you are here! I remember experiencing a life-altering experience that made living life each day a struggle. Although I love riding roller coasters, putting my emotions on the front seat of a roller coaster literally knocked the wind out of me! But I finally discovered how to live my life free from the weight of my past and the trauma of life-changing experiences by plugging into a committed faith walk with God, and a strategic plan to heal from trauma. The freedom I am experiencing on the other side of healing has given me a passion to go back to school for my MA in Human Services Counseling in Crisis Response and Trauma. So, I am here to teach you how to connect to God’s heart and heal from the experiences that have knocked the wind right out of you too!

Inside this podcast, I share practical steps to healing along with “tea spills” curated to help you heal from traumatic life events, walk you through deepening your faith and relationship with God, conversations, and tips that will empower you to transform your life into the life you deserve, and influential guests who have been through what you are going through right now! So, listen in, grab your tea and let’s spill some tea that will make your life better!

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